Feb 07, 2024

Concrete Cutter

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  • EC2M, Coleman Street, Greater London

Job Description

Concrete Cutter, LIverpool Street, London, EC2M We are seeking Concrete Cutters to work on a demolition site, located near Liverpool Street. The Concrete Cutter will be responsible for safely and efficiently cutting, sawing, and drilling concrete surfaces using specialized equipment. Responsibilities of the Concrete Cutter are: * Perform precise cutting, sawing, and drilling of concrete surfaces according to project specifications and requirements. * Operate and maintain various concrete cutting equipment, including but not limited to diamond saws, core drills, and wall saws. * Adhere to all safety guidelines and regulations to ensure a safe working environment. Identify and mitigate potential hazards associated with concrete cutting activities. * Review project plans, blueprints, and specifications to determine the best methods for concrete cutting and ensure accuracy in execution. * Monitor and maintain high standards of workmanship to ensure the quality of concrete cutting meets industry and company standards. * Assist in the loading and unloading of materials, ensuring proper handling and storage of equipment and tools. * Conduct routine maintenance on equipment to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Report any equipment malfunctions or issues promptly. * Effectively communicate with project managers, construction teams, and other stakeholders to coordinate concrete cutting activities and address any concerns or changes in project requirements. * Keep accurate records of work performed, materials used, and hours worked. Provide necessary documentation for billing and project reporting purposes. * Work collaboratively with other construction professionals, including operators, laborers, and supervisors, to ensure seamless project execution. Skills required of the Concrete Cutter are: * Proven experience as a Concrete Cutter or similar role in the construction industry. * Proficient in the operation of concrete cutting equipment. Strong problem-solving and analytical skills. * In-depth knowledge of safety regulations and procedures related to concrete cutting activities. * Ability to perform physically demanding tasks, including lifting heavy equipment and working in various weather conditions. * Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to work effectively within a team. * Possession of relevant certifications for concrete cutting equipment operation and safety training is preferred. To apply for the Concrete Cutter role, please click on the link below

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