Mar 22, 2024

School Cleaner required - Dartford

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  • Dartford, Kent

Job Description

Dust bunnies, beware - Our school, the Haven of Hygiene, is on the hunt for a Mop Maven and Custodial Connoisseur to join our wacky, wonderful world of cleanliness. Are you ready to trade your cleaning supplies for a cape and unleash your inner superhero? Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept: Dirt Demolition: Wield your broom like a mighty sword, vanquishing dirt and debris with unparalleled precision. Dust is no match for your cleaning prowess. Stealthy Sanitation: Move through the halls like a ninja, leaving behind only the sweet scent of victory (and perhaps a hint of lavender-scented disinfectant). Master of Mop-Fu: Dance through spills with grace, turning potential disasters into impromptu choreography. Who knew mopping could be an art form? Guardian of Grime-Busting Gadgets: Harness the power of cleaning gadgets, from high-tech vacuums to space-age spray bottles. Because fighting filth is a high-tech business Perks of the Profession: Apply Now and Join this Sparkle Squad: Send your CV to Amy at Academics ensuring all previous relevant experience is detailed. At this school, every cleaner is a Hero - no dust bunny stands a chance

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