May 10, 2024

Junior Business Development Manager

£30,000 - £35,000 yearly
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  • Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Job Description

We are partnered with a Multidisciplinary Construction Services Contractor, recruiting a Junior Business Development Manager for their office in Stamford. As a Junior Business Development Manager for a multidisciplinary construction provider specializing in demolition, bulk earthworks, land remediation, and asbestos removal, you'll have a multifaceted role that requires a blend of strategic thinking, relationship building, and proactive outreach. Here's how you might approach your duties: 1. Cold Calling: Cold calling is often the first step in initiating contact with potential clients. Make sure you're armed with a clear understanding of your company's services and value proposition. Tailor your pitch to each prospect, highlighting how your services can solve their specific pain points or challenges. Focus on building rapport and establishing credibility rather than pushing for an immediate sale. 2. Lead Generation: Develop a robust lead generation strategy to identify and engage potential clients. This could involve leveraging online databases, attending industry events and conferences, networking with key stakeholders, and utilizing digital marketing tactics such as email campaigns and social media outreach. Keep track of your leads using a CRM system to ensure timely follow-ups and nurturing. 3. Market Research: Stay informed about industry trends, regulatory requirements, and competitor activity. This knowledge will not only help you identify potential opportunities but also enable you to position your company effectively against competitors. Regularly monitor industry publications, participate in relevant forums or associations, and seek feedback from existing clients to stay ahead of the curve. 4. Relationship Building: Building strong relationships with clients, partners, and industry stakeholders is essential for long-term success. Invest time in getting to know your clients' businesses, understanding their needs, and providing personalized solutions. Foster trust and credibility by delivering on your promises and consistently exceeding expectations. 5. Collaboration: Work closely with internal teams, including sales, marketing, operations, and project management, to ensure alignment and cohesion across all aspects of the business development process. Collaboration and communication are key to maximizing opportunities and delivering seamless experiences for clients. 6. Continuous Learning: The construction industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies, regulations, and market dynamics shaping the landscape. Commit to ongoing learning and professional development to stay relevant and adaptable. Attend workshops, seminars, and training programs, and seek mentorship from seasoned professionals within your organization. By effectively executing these duties, you'll not only drive growth and revenue for your company but also play a pivotal role in shaping its reputation and long-term success in the construction industry

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