Oct 10, 2020

CCDO Demolition Chargehand Refresher

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Course Training

Job Description

A refresher qualification for working Chargehands who may lead a team of Topmen, Demolition Refurbishment Operatives and Labourers.

Certification:  CCDO

Duration:  1 day

Valid for:  3/5 years

Cost:  £230  (non members £310)


Once the individual has completed the appropriate pre-requisites they will be issued with the appropriate coloured CCDO card.

These cards are renewable every 5 years to ensure that carded demolition workers have the most up to date knowledge and are operating in the safest and most efficient way whilst performing their designated tasks. For those leading a team, it's essential that working practices are correct as these processes will be taught to the Topmen, Demolition Refurbishment Operatives and Labourers. Our refresher courses take place in one day and cover all of the basic knowledge updates required to renew your CCDO card for 5 years.



  • Candidates must have 5 years of verifiable experience in the demolition industry.
  • Candidates require a current Demolition Specialist or above Health, Safety and Environment Test Pass and a current Approved Asbestos Awareness certificate (not e-learning).
  • Candidates who have a Silver Chargehand Card that needs refreshing.



CCDO card and certificate

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